Prenota ora la visita guidata con pranzo tipico per l'8 dicembre 2018!
Prenota ora la visita guidata con pranzo tipico per l’8 dicembre 2018!


Welcome to the home page of Nooraghe S.r.l.s.’s website By scrolling down you will see the list of our tours. Using the site menu on top (expandable by clicking on the symbols below the logo at the top of the page) you can browse the site pages or search an element by keyword. We are a group of people with passion for the archaeological world of ancient Sardinia and more generally of all the Cultural Heritage of the island. We founded NoOraghe Srls because we believe in the sustainability of the touristic offers related to the culture of our region. We are a service company specialized in management of Cultural Heritage, we are dealing with the direct management of Goods and all related services and activities such as event organization, applications of new technologies in the cultural field, websites, web and mobile application development, promotion, training and research. We organize thematic tours with professional guides and buil informational and multimedia products. In this portal you will be able to enjoy all the information about our activities and our services, you can book the visits along the routes that we propose, have our contacts and receive assistance, just browse the menu and the website, we are also present on Instagram and Facebook social networks. Nooraghe (usually read “nuraghe” in italian language) is the name we have chosen because it is a term that has a great appeal that brings to mind something ancient, strong, lasting and set in the harmonious strings of the Mediterranean landscape. This for us is the most significant symbol to represent Sardinia itself and its great history. A unicum to discover…





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