Who we are:

Born out from the commitment and the idea of ​​the two founding members, the Nooraghe S.r.l.s. begins its history in 2017, is based in the city of Nuoro and operates almost throughout Sardinia.

Founding member and administrator:
Giovanna Antonia Pintori. Born in Nuoro, expert in Cultural Heritage and Art History, Communication of Cultural Heritage, Tourist Guide and Entrepreneur.

Founder partner:
Mario Cabiddu. Born in Nuoro, specialized as an analyst and designer of software and application systems, websites, mobile apps and digital communication.

The Nooraghe S.r.l.s. In addition, with its partners, it has a large network of skills that virtually link Nuoro’s headquarters to the city of Cagliari, covering the other aspects of production and services offered by the company.


Nooraghe Srls is a society born of the passion of its members for Sardinia in general and in particular for the Cultural Heritage in it, understood as a necessary engine for the push of Sardinia towards a tourism economy not only coastal, but above all based on the culture, the history, the roots that make our land unique, as demonstrated by the thousands of archaeological sites in the Sardinian hinterland, with some of them being assaulted by tourists when properly promoted and guarded by passionate professionals. Unfortunately, not always our archaeological sites are recognized in their value, and for this reason most of them are not usable, protected, and are often damaged for this lack of care and custody. This is how the idea of ​​establishing a Society is born, in order to make the value of cultural assets sustainable; in particular as an object of interest, especially those belonging to the Sardinian hinterland, as the perception, through the experience gained in particular in some archaeological sites of the young man, of the value that comes from applying the right valorisation of these areas and their landscape redevelopment. Researching the best and positive findings not only economically, but also educational, social, cultural, environmental and present, of great innovation thanks to the use of the latest technology, to which all projects will be devoted a great deal of attention.
Nooraghe Srls mainly carries out management activities and the realization of initiatives aimed at the enhancement and protection of Cultural Heritage in the regional, national and international sphere, with particular regard to the regional territory located in areas of strategic attraction. It also carries out activities aimed at the realization and promotion of cultural activities and the financial, technical, economic and organizational support of projects and other investment initiatives in favor of cultural activities.

As stated above, management activities include the study and implementation of guided tours conducted by specialized tour guides and multilingual languages, refreshment services, state-of-the-art infopoint with 3D models and information and technical material of the goods concerned, tourist itineraries , events and entertainment, experimental archeology, computer services such as web sites, social profiles and mobile applications, online sale of services related to cultural goods, paper and gadgets. The target audience can thus include the entire cultural, national and international tourism sector. This is also due to the ongoing focus on edutainment and interest in the use of new technologies applied to cultural heritage, especially for people with different needs. For this reason, the projects will include the accessibility of schools and weak bands, disadvantaged categories, children and the elderly.


Nooraghe S.r.l.s.